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Jennifer @blondedbythelites

Owner, Stylist, Educator & Director of First Impressions:

Owner & Stylist of sister location, FEVER of HERSHEY.

With 22+ years in the industry, Jennifer thrives on working closely with clients and coworkers to help discover their best selves and empower them to achieve their goals. 

This wife and mama to 2 boys + 1 Great Dane cherishes her time both at home, behind the chair, within each business location both at HAVEN + FEVER, and is thankful for every kind soul along the way.  With her nurturing and passionate approach, Jenn continues to inspire and uplift those she encounters, leaving a lasting impact on the  community.


Nikki @livinthebrightlyfe

Stylist/Make-Up Artist/Esthetician/Educator:

Nikki is a true creative artist and animal lover who is  passionate about vivid color transformations and pushing creative boundaries. With her 16+ years of experience as not just a hairstylist, but also as an educator and esthetician, she brings a wealth of knowledge and pure magic to every appointment at HAVEN. Trust her to not only enhance your hair or makeup look, but also to infuse it with a touch of artistic flair. Step into her chair for a transformative experience that reflects both expertise and a love for coloring outside the lines.


Zeidy @beauty.por.brizeida

Stylist & Make-Up Artist of all things fabulous:

Meet Zeidy, a true industry veteran with over 16 years of experience—a devoted mom to 3 littles, a pup, and loving wife. Beyond her scissors and color skills, you will quickly see she's a highly skilled makeup artist dedicated to boosting clients' confidence and strength. Her high energy is matched only by the top-notch results she consistently delivers here at HAVEN, crafting experiences that leave you feeling empowered and fabulous. Step into her world, where confidence meets creativity, and let your beauty shine.



Artisan Stylist & Crafter:

Meet Kelli, a true artist behind the chair! Watch her use her meticulous touch as she crafts hair masterpieces. As a devoted mom, she understands the importance of style that fits seamlessly into your busy life and uses her expertise in shaping and color work, as she turns every visit into a personalized experience. With her 20+ years of experience, she's a storyteller, creating narratives through hair. Her passion for her craft extends beyond trends, focusing on timeless beauty here at HAVEN of HARRISBURG. Trust Kelli to not only enhance your look but to make you feel confidently you.



Stylist/Make-Up/Esthetician/Lash + Hair Extensionist/Trichologist:

Your journey to complete confidence begins here at HAVEN, as Melissa brings her combined 15+ years of experience as a hairstylist, esthetician, makeup artist, as well as a hair and lash extensionist, your true go-to beauty guru. A certified hair loss specialist, her meticulous approach ensures top-notch results. From detailed consultations to flawless execution, she always delivers. Fall in love with both the experience and the stunning results. Trust her to bring out your best and make each visit a pampering delight.



Salon Apprentice & Aspiring Stylist:

Meet Natasha, our salon apprenctice and student, who is eagerly soaking up the intricacies of our industry through on-the-job training.  Also a dental hygiene student at HACC, she's ambitious, meticulous, and devoted to personal growth. With enthusiasm and a commitment to learning, she's dedicated to not only bettering herself but also enhancing the experiences of everyone she meets. Join her on this exciting journey as she hones her skills, blending creativity with precision. Welcome to a space where ambition meets artistry, and every interaction is a step towards excellence.

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